About Amoize

Our Story

Amoize Magazine debuted its very first issue in January 2011 in Dallas, Texas. It‘s a vibrant, multifaceted, and lively magazine celebrating diversity in cultures, heritages, and traditions.

Our mission is to break down the misconceptions that are engraved in between different cultures by highlighting the diverse, rich, and exciting lives of people from different backgrounds.

Originally, Amoize started as a lifestyle and African cultural magazine ten years ago.

Currently, the publication has developed into a wholesome international subscription service which helps to bridge the information chasm between the various cultures and ethnicities misunderstood largely within the African Countries of the world.

It has now become a multicultural source because it has widened its scope and diversified its content.

The publication offers unique, powerful, and highly influential writings, sharing the news, views, observations, opinions, and experiences of people who come from various backgrounds, geographic locations, and cultural heritages.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to inculcating a culture of journalistic integrity, thoughtful reporting, and excellent design.

Since we live in a multicultural society today, we enable our audience to get an education about a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. We aim to broaden their thinking process and attitudes towards others.

As part of our vision to make people aware of their universal connection, our magazine provides content that shatters the barriers of race, language, nationality, and heritage and fosters a world of tolerance and peace.

By raising informational awareness about various cultures and communities, we enable people to live together in an environment of openness and respect.

Our Creative Compilations

Taking the readers into the lives of different people through fashion, art, culture, travel, spirituality, and other types of expert articles, Amoize acts as a window into the most complicated and unexplored ethnic communities of the world.

Our insightful editorials and features deal with subjects concerned with the growing interest in spiritual matters, business opportunities, and multiplicity trends, intercultural marriages, and the growing design craze for multicultural art in our homes.

The goal of these articles is to encourage frank and open dialogue and enhance greater cultural understanding.

Your Own Magazine

Amoize Magazine connects communities through culture, stories, food, art, and faith. It is created by the people, for the people.

By incorporating creative contributions from average people in our community, the magazine is labeled as “Your Own Magazine”.

We strive to create a moment of truth by sharing the ordinary stories of extraordinary people in our society with our readers. We only want them to be real, no matter what genre or emotion they portray.

We want to know about your life, your surroundings, and your world that is interesting, funny, frustrating, joyful, or thoughtful. By sharing your memories and experiences, you can add value to the lives of our readers, something they will cherish and treasure forever. Because no one can tell your story like you can!

After all, who can tell your stories better than you, yourself!